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Paverpol Products

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An excellent fabric hardener that dries fast and is very easy to use on any natural material such as cotton, silk, soft leather, self-hardening clay, polystyrene foam, wood, plaster, ceramic and more. It adheres to almost anything except plastic.

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Pavercolor is a powdered pigment that adds colour to transparent Paverpol. Powders can be mixed together to make any colour you want.
26 basic colours available 

A new range of Australian Colours are now available     click for more info

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Mix with Paverpol to make a completely watertight piece of art such as water features, bird baths, fountains or pools. Can be used to give polystyrene, plaster, paper-mache etc. a watertight finish.

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Art Stone

A fun product! Art Stone can be used in two different ways. You can use it to make self-hardening clay, or you can use the powder to create a stone-look finish to your sculptures.

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Paversand can be added to a mixture of Paverpol and Paverplast or to a mixture ofPaverpol and Artstone to create Amazing Effects. Available in Light/Fine and Dark/Coarse

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Choose from  Green.. Pink..  Charcoal.. Blue ..Terracotta       



Combinations of small colour flakes that when mixed with artstone and thrown onto wet paverpol, then  rubbed, create a very authentic stone look.

Ideal on any firm surface that is suitable for paverpol

Comes in 45g tubs