Paverpol Products and Workshops in New Zealand

About Paverpol New Zealand

We are based  in Richmond, Nelson at the top of the beautiful South Island,  and are the sole Importers  of Paverpol Products in New Zealand.

Gwen Nicholson  is the New Zealand Trainer for users wanting to become Accredited Workshop Instructors.  John is also an Accredited Instructor.  They both  regularly  travel New Zealand to trade and craft  shows, and do many demonstrations and workshops nationwide.    Gwen’s  passion is for creating things that are different and for teaching the craft to others.

In October  2010,  Gwen attended some advanced training in Holland…the home of Paverpol….   Each year Gwen also goes to a craft retreat in Australia and learns the use of other mediums and new techniques including sculpting faces and hands that are all applied in the Paverpol work

We would like to thank everyone for taking such an interest in Paverpol and our crafts and registering to receive emails for upcoming workshops.   We  hope to establish a lasting  association with you all and look forward to helping those of you who have not yet had a go, to bring out your creative side…you will be amazed how easy it is .   We  just love it when a bunch of students start out in of the workshops with identical materials and all go home with very different and unique sculptures…

If anyone is interested in attending a workshop or training to become an instructor please contact us.

Gwen Nicholson and John Schulze

Paverpol New Zealand

Importer – Trainer, Distributor and Instructors

“Its great to be a little bit crafty”