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Product Information : Pavercolor

Pavercolor is a powdered pigment that adds colour to transparent Paverpol. Powders can be mixed together to make any colour you want.
26 basic colours available 

A new range of Australian Colours are now available     click for more info
Mixes and washes off with water

Click on images below to see the pavercolor range of colours
Pavercolor is available in  White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown, Yellow Ochre, Sienna, Black, Dark Green, Grey, Red, Light Blue, Sea Blue, Jeans Blue, Violet, Light Yellow Ochre, Champagne, Rust, Stone Red, Light Brown

There are also 6 Metallic Colours available in the Pavercolor Range: Mother of Pearl, Silver, Bronze, Antique Gold ,Copper, Gold.

Instructions for use

Mix the Pavercolor with some water before you add it to Paverpol. This prevents it from becoming lumpy.  (Note – some of the new Australian colours need to be mixed differently)
The Pavercolor metallics will lose their lustre when mixed with Paverpol. The lustre can be retained by brushing the dried piece of work with the Pavercolor metallic, mixed with Josefine gloss varnish. It is then a proper outdoor paint that can be used for painting, brushing and making patinas.
All Pavercolors can also be simply mixed with water to create water paint. However, this paint can only be used for indoor pieces of work.

AUSTRALIAN COLOURS     Available in 20ml containers sufficient for 500mls of paverpol.  Note some colours are very strong  …see mixing instructions below

Pigment colours  available are: ….. Magenta, Purple, Scarlet Red, Yellow, Green, Marine Blue, Chocolate, Bamboo Green, Red Copper, Soft Bronze, Lavender, Turquoise, Dark Jade, Mid Blue

Coarse and Grainy Colours available are: …Charcoal, Beige, Grey White, Dark Sienna, Cool Blue, Desert Green, Blue Stone, Sandstone, Antique Green

Mixing the Australian  Colour Pigments 
Magenta, purple, yellow, scarlet red, bamboo green need to be mixed differently than the other colours. They are also a lot stronger pigment and need less than Pavercolor.    It is best to put the colour into the container you are going to put the Paverpol in and then add a teaspoon of PAVERPOL not water and mix with a brush to a paste then add the rest of your Paverpol and mix it through then add the 20mls of water to 500gm of Paverpol.


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