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Accredited Instructor Training  


Next training days.

Nelson early May 2024……

Possible North Island  July or August 2024

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9.30 am to 4.30pm each day at Paverpol New Zealand, Richmond, Nelson

This training  is perfect if you wish to become an instructor …It is geared to teaching you the techniques and tips to equip you to go on and teach others the magic of Paverpol.   You are expected as a teacher to demonstrate very high standards in your work and pass on the technical information you learn. You should teach good basic  practices including the importance  of  the  strength of the frame and correct fabrics and  bandaging techniques.  You are welcome to introduce advanced classes of your own design to students who have already learnt the basic techniques.

Because I have an increasing demand for this training and spaces are limited,  if you have no intention of becoming an active instructor  it is better for you to attend other workshops where you can spend  more time creating your individual sculptures. All of our workshops are designed to teach you a lot of information to enable you to get the best out of your paverpol.

REGISTER NOW  to secure your spot in the next training session.  A  $100 deposit  is required with registration .  If a registration is cancelled in the last week,  I reserve the right to retain the deposit if I can not fill the spot in the course…This covers my time for preparations  for each person.


An introduction to Paverpol.

You will make several different types of sculptures.

  • A basic sitting or standing lady on a base.
  • A Nomad or similar using a polystyrene frame
  • A basic exercise/sculpture using Artstone  Paverplast and Paversand and paverscrub

You will also learn

  • how to incorporate a sculpted head  (two methods)
  • how to frame a basic animal
  • The appropriate frames for different sized sculptures

The course includes:

  • Figure structure and foiling
  • Figure wrapping
  • Figure draping and dressing
  • Head dresses
  • Finishing touches
  • Plus hints, tips and ideas

The sculptures are yours to keep

  • Products and Instructions are supplied

You need to bring….OLD CLOTHES,   A good size cloth supermarket type bag for hand luggage     …And most importantly a sense of humour.  We work hard for 2 days and there is a bit of Saturday night homework so make sure you are not tired when you arrive.

To receive an Accredited Workshop Instructors Certificate you will need to demonstrate a full understanding of the use of Paverpol and building a sculpture.  Your work will need to be of sufficiently high standard to ensure you can pass on good practices to students.  Accreditation is not automatic at the end of the training,  but we work hard to make sure you can reach accreditation

When you have your certificate and you are ready to teach  you will be listed as an instructor on the NZ Paverpol website



DISCOUNTS   I offer 10% discount to those who have trained and been accredited, but are not active instructors running workshops.  (Other discounts apply to retailers)…

As an active instructor you will  receive a 20% discount on all Paverpol products.    This means  if you are actively  teaching and buying to resell to people in your workshops you get 20% discount.  Proof of running  workshops is required are required to post photographs  on our facebook group of your workshops as proof…

Please avoid asking for credit when you order for yourself or your students.  We have a strict payment with order policy.

 THE COST is $NZ400.00  for 2 days instruction and includes all materials for 3 sculptures and an instruction manual  (either electronic or hardcopy)

  Meals are not provided  Please bring your lunch ……  tea and coffee are provided

Contact: Gwen Nicholson


Mobile   0211 068 406

We recommend Amber Court Motels near the airport….you need to book well in advance…mention you are coming to  Paverpol Course with Gwen …… James and Liana will look after you.

RICHMOND Holiday Park Nearby also offers a variety of cabins and Motels…

If you are flying to the course bear in mind you will need to take sculptures home that are not fully dry so don’t bring alot of hand luggage as you will need to carry them.   Alternatively they can be couriered when dry for $25.00   Also if you are flying in or out  on the day make sure you book flights that give you a good half hour for travel to the workshop as we have to get started on time. We can collect you from or return you to the Airport with prior noticee